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GTER launches the course "Solar Power Technologies"

The growing demand for electricity, coupled with the depletion of fossil fuels and the impact of greenhouse gases have encouraged the development of cheap and reliable electric energy with renewable sources. In this respect, solar energy is probably the most promising sustainable solution that can truly meet the long-term energy expectations.

The course is meant for students/professionals of the renewable energy sector with a specific interest in solar power generation. The content of this course comprises from theoretical and technical matters to challenges and new developments in designs. In consists on a four days workshop and a final visit to the plataforma solar de Almería (PSA).

The participants will have the opportunity to know first-hand the operation of solar power plants in the three scheduled visits to a PV power plant, a CSP power plant and a last generation meteorological station.

This course will allow the students to broaden their knowledge in the basics of solar energy and the key technologies for generating electricity with solar energy