The experience of GTER includes the use and development of different simulation tools for optimization and analysis of CSP systems and components. The most relevant codes developed by GTER are:

  • EOS. The EOS software for the simulation of solar thermal parabolic trough plants implements detailed models of the different subsystems of a CSP plant and provides detailed energy balances at different points and time intervals. EOS has been validated with data from commercial plants and has been used for a number of feasibility analyses of CSP projects, energy audits, resolution of contractual disputes, etc. The EOS software is constantly under development to improve the models or add new capabilities.
  • WinDELSOL. The WinDELSOL software for the simulation and optimization of Central Receiver (Tower) Systems was developed jointly by GTER and Ciemat in the frame of the SIREC project, a R&D programme for the development of Central Receiver Technology that put some of the basis for the first commercial projects in Spain. WinDELSOL is based on Sandia’s DELSOL3.

GTER has also developed different models for Dish-Stirling systems, optical analysis and optimization of heliostat fields, etc. and has the expertise for the use of specific tools like Tonatiuh (open-source ray-tracing tool oriented to the analysis and optimization of solar concentrators) for the design and optimization of a Linear Fresnel installation.

Most relevant projects related to this area

Feasibility analysis/Energy output assessment: La Africana (Córdoba, Spain, 2010); La Dehesa (Badajoz, Spain, 2009); Valdetorres (Badajoz, Spain, 2009); Villanueva (Badajoz, Spain, 2008); Quinto (Aragón Spain, 2008); La Llorida-La dehesa (Badajoz, Spain, 2008).

Technical assistance: Assessment of Fresnel System performance (Aznalcollar, Spain, 2017-2018). Optimization and Analysis of the expected production and variability of the P50 (Seville, Spain, 2015); TA84455 IND. ADB – Preparing Utility Scale Concentrating Solar Power Demonstration (India, 2015); La Florida-La Dehesa (Badajoz, Spain, 2013);  Assistance on design of Technical specifications and tender evaluation criteria for Concentrating Solar Power projects in India (YES. 2010); Solar thermoelectric energy evaluation of potential in Spain (IDAE 2010)