The group has worked on many R&D projects funded by public and private entities for over 30 years contributing to the enhancement of the solar energy technologies, the proposal of innovative hybrid and solar-only concepts, design of receiver prototypes for different heat transfer fluids, modeling of PCM thermal storage systems using ANSYS-Fluent or the design of a test bench for absorber tubes

Most relevant projects related to this area

R&D: ADELSOL, taking advantage of the synergies of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, Junta de Andalucía in the frame of the PAIDI 2020, (2019-2022); INSHIP – Integrating National Research Agendas on Solar Heat for Industrial Processes (7th Framework Programme 2017-2020).  Validation on the power calculations of HELIOtube solar plant (2018). STAGE-STE. Development of joint R&D activities in six major areas in the field of CSP (7th Framework Programme EU 2014-2019); Biostirling 4 SKA. Development of hybrid parabolic dish system (7th Framework Programme EU 2013-ongoing); ACUMSOL, Steam Accumulator prototype (2014); Solar-biomass hybridization (2013-2015); CTAER Variable Geometry Central Receiver Test Facility (2013); CRS Sales, Prototype solar tower receiver with molten salt (2009-2011); ConSOLida, Technology development in the field of Solar Thermal Electricity (2008-2011); SIREC Technology development for Central Receiver Systems (1999-2001); Solar-Gas Hybrid Combines Cycle in Al-Kuraymat, Egypt (1997); Colón Solar, Integration of Solar Energy in a conventional Power Plant (1997-1998); APAS SOLGAS, Hybrid Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant based on Central Receiver Technology (1996).