The group’s activity in the field of photovoltaics has been focused on research projects, mainly in developing prototypes that enable to reach higher yields or proposing new hybrid designs of simple modules and complete PV plants either with renewable and conventional energies. We have also been working on the drafting of technical norms for PV installations. Group capabilities include design supervision, maintenance and operational performance evaluation, technical consultancy and elaboration of technical specifications for public and private entities. The latest R&D projects are related to the development of intelligent systems for the management of grid dispatchability

Most relevant projects related to this area

R&D: SOLARBLUE, Solar Power Integrated Renewable Energy System (2018-2019); BISSEM, Building Integrated Solar Systems for the Egyptian Market (2018-2020); SAGRA Advanced system of isolated grid management, SIMGRID, Optimization of electrical energy storage for micrgrids (2015-2017); CLIMACSOL, Development of air conditioning and hot water systems based on solar PV (2015); PV ON-TIME, Intelligent PV system (2014); CHORUS, Integral Energy Management (2013); CLIMA FV, PV systems for cooling (2013); SOFIE, PV installations optimization (2013).